"A traveling music. Straddling two shores, it weaves links between sounds and cultures "

The Ferraj, in arabic language, is the one who brings deliverance.

Imad Slimani

Bass & backing vocals

Born in Béchar in the Algerian desert, Imad discovered the guitar at the age of 18. He grew up in a family of musicians and was lulled by the rhythmic sounds of traditional Gnawa music played by his uncle on guitar and gambri. He joined his band and participated in many concerts in Algeria and abroad. Influenced by rock music, reggae and blues, he also created the group "Los Palmeras". He moved to Marseille in 2016, and switched from guitar to bass for the band "Orchester Ovipare" - rock-trans-psyche influence. He joined Ferraj in 2019.

Ali Himene

Drums & backing vocals

As a child, in his village perched high on the mountains of Kabylie, Ali already tapped rhythms on everything that came his way, until the day an instrument was put into his hands. It was through Afro-Cuban percussion that he developed his technique. As a multi-instrumentalist in Marseille, he joined a Latin music group and made appearances on stage and worked with several Afro-Latino groups. He draws his influences from his travels between Algeria, Spain and Latin America which we feel in his drumming in Ferraj.

Nadji Boukarana

Guitar and backing vocals

Guitarist, arranger and composer greatly influenced by African and Afro-American music, Nadji Boukarana was born into a family of musicians in Constantine (Algeria). Malouf, Arab-Andalusian music, has nurtured his musical interest from an early age. His career began in Chelgoum Laid, where he joined several rock, Raï and Gnawa groups. It is now, after 20 years musical experience, that his musical projects allow him to naturally mix Algerian sounds with rock, jazz, soul and funk.

Nassim Slimani

Guitar and backing vocals

Nassim Slimani was born in Algeria in the city of Bechar, a Saharan city in which he grew up in a family of musicians from the Saoura region (Diwane and Gnawa). His approach to music began at an early age with percussion, drums and the guitar, which has since become his main instrument. After several concerts in Algeria, Nassim joined the group "Democratoz" for an international tour which took place in collaboration with different musicians and groups. His musical influences are varied: rock, Gnawa, blues, Rai and North African music.

Yacine Zamime

Trumpet and lead vocals

Yacine Zamime was born in Blida, Algeria. He started on brass with the bugle and then at the age of 13 went on to the trumpet. Without any musical knowledge, he took Algerian classics and integrated everything by ear. He joined a traditional music band with which he discovered the stage. In high school, he formed the group Starbouino, rehearsing in football stadiums or abandoned spaces in the city. Yacine then revealed a self-taught gift for the trumpet, song, and percussion. When he arrived in Marseilles, he skillfully incorporated all three instruments into Ferraj.